Friday, March 10, 2006

Ode to Valentines Day.

Valentines Day, a day of love, caring, and a general reminder that we should occasionally pretend to not to hate each other. In order to better present this holiday, I've invited three guest writers to give their own view on the subject.

Oh how I love Valentines Day! The hearts! The flowers! Why it's enough to make me just want to give everyone a big hug. I sent a valentine to all of my friends, and even some people I don't know that well, maybe they'll be my friend too! I also celebrate the holiday with my apparel: I have a pink skirt, a shirt with a big red heart, and a pretty pink bow on top of my head. I think this is the best day that could ever be!

~The Girl with too much Vicodin

This is fucking pointless. The only point to this miserable excuse of a holiday is to remind us all of how alone we really are. I personally think the best way to celebrate is to have a big bonfire, cast in a handful of black roses, and then cry. Today I wore black to show everyone what's really going on. Life is pointless anyway...
Oh yeah, fuck all of you.

~The Emo kid that cries in the corner

Hi, I'm the one standing on the sidelines, watching Ms. Vicodin and Mr. Emo duke it out. Today isn't any better than any other second tier holiday. I don't need an assigned day to tell the people around me that I care about them. I see people go nuts over Valentines Day cards every year, jumping around like idiots if they get one, and sobbing in the corner if they don't. But to each his own I supposes, for now I'll be sitting up here, watching the epic battle unfold below.

~The Girl with a Brain

Well there you have it folks, three very different opinions, and only one of them sane. But hey, I'm not here to judge, make up your own mind.

~The Redneck Viking

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