Friday, March 10, 2006

Back to my homeland.

Whew, good to be back in good ol' New York! After being back for a total of three days, i can conclusively say that it's alot more fun up here.

Since I havn't posted for a while, let's recap:

Got back from Florida at about 1am Tuesday morning, after a 26 hour car drive (would have been faster, but I was traveling with 3 women). The next day I spent at a location which will remain undisclosed, but lets just say it was time well spent. Yesterday I learned the correct answers to the saftey test that I failed, apparently my simple philosophy of "don't die" wasn't good enough. On the plus side I had a very promising interview with a woman from Yale, so hopefully that'll work in my favor.

In related news, I might actually get into college soon. Decisions come in the mail March 15th, so keep your fingers crossed.

Thats about it for now, hopefully the weather will permit some actual rowing today, and maby even some photo ops.

~The Redneck Viking

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