Sunday, July 30, 2006

11 Miles and three mountains later...

This is the hike we took on our second day at Greylock.
1. We started along the hopper trail going down into the valley.
2. As we made our way down we crossed over several small streams.
3. This part was hard, we gained about 1100 feet climbing up the side of Mt. Prospect.
4. Finally at the top, we stopped and had lunch before movin on.
5. Here we ran into a slightly drunk hiker who was going back the way we had just come.
6. More incline, we took the road for a short bit to give our legs a rest from the uneven trails.
7. Now we've made it to the top of two mountians and have a refreshing stretch of flat trail along the ridge of the mountain.
8. Finally we reach the top of Mt. Greylock 3,497 feet above sea level. We finish lunch, refill our water bottles and start heading back to camp.
9. It started to pour right about here, so we jumped back on Hopper trail and high tailed it back to camp.
10. We got back to camp drenched, exausted, and thoroughly impressed with our journey.
There you have it, that basically sums up the majority of the trip. I'll make sure to take more pictures the next time I venture out into the wilderness.

~The Viking

Panorama from the camping trip.

From left to right: Mt. Prospect, Mt. Williams, Mt. Fitch, and Mt. Greylock.

~The Viking

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rowing Nationals

I'm leaving for Indianapolis tomorrow, and hopefully I'll remember to come back with an update longer than this one. Wish me luck!

~The Viking