Friday, March 24, 2006

Respect your teachers.

Show that asshole at the chalkboard some respect kids, or you might just wind up in jail. That’s right, a 16 year old kid in Roswell is being held in custody today for making threats to blow up his school along with a few of his teachers and classmates. What’s that you say? A threat like this should be taken seriously? He might actually go crazy and kill these people? Well normally I would agree, if not for the fact that these threats were nothing more than a couple of postings on his MySpace. He does however get get credibility for referring to Columbine, and making a hit list of his would be victims.

What’s even more infuriating about the whole thing, are the students that the news channel picks to interview. The girl was so ditsy I was astounded she could stop playing with her hair long enough to speak. Let’s look at some of the finer points of her interview:

"Somebody actually told me that my name was on it, like, the hit list."
No wonder honey, I've only been looking at you for 5 seconds, and I already want you killed.
"I don’t think anybody would go through with it. And anybody who was that serious about it would have gotten caught before it happened."
Yeah I suppose you're right, administrations in this country have always been good at anticipating attacks that aren’t actually happening.

So as it stands now, "Outcast", as he calls himself on MySpace, is scheduled for trial tomorrow charged with terrorist threats against state property. I for one feel a lot safer knowing that one more MySpace terrorist is behind bars and awaiting the persecution of our flawless law system. Heres the story if you want to check it out.

~The Redneck Viking

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