Monday, October 09, 2006

Its been a while.

Let's sum things up quickly shall we? Alot of things have changed since my last post about hiking mountains, most of all my point of view has changed. It hasn't exactly been elevated, more pushed to the left a little bit (and no thats not a hint at my political stance). Even though things are a little turbulant at the moment, I like where I'm headed, and if I could go back I might change a few key moments, but overall I can't complain.
Moving away from my somewhat vague remblings, I'll give you some specifics. I'm at Syracuse University, got here a little over a month ago. Lots of cool things have happened that are plenty blog worthy, so I'll try and post some of the highlights of my college experience so far. I'm still rowing, I was at the Head of the Genesee yesterday, our frosh boat came in 16 out of 30, but our varsity eight was second overall, so it was a good day for the team. I have to go write a paper about something now, I don't know what it's supposed to be about yet, just that it's due in about 3 hours.

~The Viking

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